Philippine Infradev Holdings Inc and Chinese builder to construct Makati Subway

Philippine Infradev Holdings Inc

Philippine Infradev Holdings Inc. said Wednesday that a subsidiary signed a $1.2-billion engineering, procurement, and construction contract(EPC) with China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Co. Ltd for the construction of the Makati Subway Project. Philippine Infradev, listed as $IRC, said in a disclosure to the stock exchange.

The EPC agreement involves the civil, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing works of the project. The Makati Subway Project is an 11-kilometer intra-city mass transport system with up to 10 stations that will join key points in Makati’s two districts, with no cash out from the city government.

It is supposed to accommodate up to 700,000 passengers per day aboard six-car trains with a capacity of about 200 people each. The company said that the project was in line with the national government’s aggressive infrastructure program and Makati’s goal to be a digital city.

The project will also complement mass transport projects of the government as it would be interconnected to the Metro Rail Transit Line 3, the proposed Metro Manila Mega Subway, and the Pasig River ferry. The entire project, which would cost $3.7 billion, is expected to be operational by 2025.

Philippine Infradev also obtained shareholders’ approval to increase its authorized capital to P10.5 billion from P1.5 billion. They also obtained investment deals with two Chinese companies to finance the Makati subway project. Hui Gao Investments Development Limited will subscribe to common shares representing 34 percent of Philippine Infradev’s adjusted shares capital for $102 million.

The company subscribed to 51 million common shares in MCSI for $102 million. Hui Gao will also provide a $200-million credit facility to MCSI. Proponents of the Makati Subway earlier shelled out over P1.1 billion to pay the owners of 55 lots who agreed with the city government to use their property for the project. City administrator lawyer Claro Certeza, who chairs the Private-Public Partnership project Selection Committee, said the initial 55 lots had a combined value of P1.18 billion and cover a total area of 7,638.83 square meters.

“These landowners who promptly accepted the offer, will each get a P1-million incentive granted by Makati Subway Inc.,” Certeza said. Five of the 55 property owners have submitted all the required documents and were paid a total of P62.9 million by Makati Subway, Inc. The owners of the remaining 49 lots are currently processing the documents for the transfer, Certeza said.

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Philippine Infradev Holdings Inc