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Philippine Market Recap June 2024

THE MARKET SUMMARY Although the economic momentum from the first quarter of 2024 carried into the second, the equity market experienced volatility. The index plunged to its lowest level in …
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Philippine Market Recap May 2024

THE MARKET SUMMARY In May, the equities market experienced significant volatility. Despite ongoing investor optimism regarding the global economic outlook, this was insufficient to sustain risk assets, leading to a …
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Philippine Market Recap April 2024

THE MARKET SUMMARY April proved to be a challenging period for equity markets, marked by a confluence of factors that stirred concerns among investors. The release of robust US inflation …
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Philippine Market Recap March 2024

THE MARKET SUMMARY The robust performance of economic indicators provided a buoyant atmosphere for investors throughout the initial quarter of 2024. Notably, the US economy exhibited stronger growth than anticipated …
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