Pres. Shorten the process for telco towers

The country's new common-tower policy is also likely to hasten tower builds and access to cell-sites, which were previously held up by the lengthy regulatory approval process for permits

A 200-day delay in the processing of permits for the construction of cell towers for telecommunication companies is “unacceptable”, Shorten the process for telco towers, President Rodrigo Duterte said late Monday night. A total of 1,502 applications have been given the green light to build cellular sites across the country and 428 are still pending.

The President made this remark, saying he had “no mercy” for local government officials who do not immediately act on telcos’ applications for permits to put up cell towers.

He said the “biggest help” that they could offer him is to avoid hampering the government from implementing projects to improve the country. Duterte earlier ordered local government officials to take only three days to process necessary papers.

“The reason why ang mga telco nahirapan kasi ‘yung mga tower nila (telcos are having a hard time putting up their towers is because), it’s not being acted upon and there are so many requirements that are being asked by the local government officials,” he said in a public address in Davao City.

Duterte said he would run after local government officials who purposely delayed the process of putting up cell towers, which are expected to improve cellular and internet service.

“Ngayon, ‘yung mga nahuli talagang magdusa kayo. Sinabi ko sayo (Now, those who are caught, you will suffer). I told you I have never been serious as I can ever be in my life, ‘wag kayo magkamali talaga. Hahabulin ko kayo hanggang preso (don’t try to make the mistake. I will run after you until you end up in jail),” he said.

He added that graft and corruption charges would be filed against local government officials if proven that they are involved in anomalies.

“Huminto kayo at ‘wag niyo pahirapan ang Pilipino, not the government (Stop what you’re doing and don’t give Filipinos a hard time),” he said.

Duterte earlier urged his Cabinet to employ “drastic” measures to shorten the process of securing permits for building telecommunication company cellular towers.

This after Globe Telecom Inc. president and CEO Ernest Cu explained the difficulties the telecommunications companies face in securing permits to build towers or cell sites.

In his fifth and penultimate State-of-the-Nation Address on July 27, Duterte called on Globe and Smart Communications Inc., the wireless arm of PLDT Inc., to improve their services by December.

Duterte, meanwhile, thanked Interior Secretary Eduardo Año for filing criminal complaints against local government officials accused of misusing cash aid from the government’s social amelioration program.

Año said that at least 50 barangay captains are facing preventive suspension from the Ombudsman because of the said complaints.

Hopefully, these new policies will help telco companies to place more towers soon as consumers demand better services and coverage.

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