Truly Rich Club Review

Truly Rich Club Review 1

The Truly Rich Club is a unique and highly regarded financial education and wealth-building organization that has gained a considerable following in recent years. Founded by renowned Filipino author and motivational speaker, Bo Sanchez, the club has become a beacon of hope for those seeking financial wisdom and success. In this review, we will delve into the key aspects of the Truly Rich Club to help you understand its offerings, benefits, and whether it’s worth considering for your financial journey.

I had the privilege of joining the Truly Rich Club (TRC) after a close friend, who was already part of the TRC community, extended an invitation to me. As someone deeply immersed in the world of investing and the stock market, I found TRC to be an excellent fit for my interests. My acquaintance with TRC dates back a considerable time, and it’s worth noting that they have a partnership with COL Financial (COL), the largest brokerage firm in the Philippines as of 2023.

One intriguing aspect of TRC is the close friendship between Edward Lee, the Chairman of COL, and Bo Sanchez. Bo openly acknowledges Edward as his financial mentor, frequently mentioning this connection in his talks about the stock market and investing. Bo’s personal financial journey from a humble preacher to a renowned author, preacher, and motivational speaker is truly inspiring.

Bo’s book, “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market,” originally published in 2010, holds a special place in my heart. It was one of the first books I read about stocks, igniting my interest in the stock market and ultimately leading me to become a full-fledged stockbroker in 2014.

I had the privilege of attending the Truly Rich Club Conference 2023, held at SMX MOA Pasay. Those two days were nothing short of transformative, equating to years of learning. As Albert Einstein aptly put it, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” The speakers at the event possessed a wealth of practical experience, having triumphed in both the financial realm and life itself. This conference undoubtedly stands out as one of the best events I’ve ever attended in the realms of investing and entrepreneurship.

It’s important to note that TRC may not be suitable for everyone. Mere membership doesn’t fully unlock its potential; active participation is key to maximizing its value. While it may seem a bit pricey for the average investor, I can personally attest that the lessons and guidance from its mastermind group are worth every penny. These mentors aren’t your run-of-the-mill social media gurus; they are top-tier mentors, possibly the finest in the country today.

One of TRC’s standout qualities is its passionate commitment to educating and empowering Filipinos in the realm of investing. Despite Edward’s status as the Chairman of COL, he remains actively engaged with TRC members, continuing to share his wealth of knowledge about stocks with fellow Filipinos. It’s worth noting that a significant portion of TRC’s earnings goes towards charitable causes, a commendable endeavor.

TRC’s mentors are truly exceptional, each a luminary in their respective fields:

Bo Sanchez: Bo Sanchez is a prominent Filipino author, preacher, and inspirational speaker celebrated for his work in personal finance and spirituality. He is renowned for founding the “Light of Jesus Family” Catholic community and delivering relatable and contemporary teachings on faith. Bo’s numerous books span personal finance, self-help, and spirituality, emphasizing the importance of financial literacy and ethical wealth-building principles. He is a charismatic speaker, conducts workshops and seminars, and hosts “Kerygma TV.” Beyond his advocacy for charitable causes, Bo is beloved in the Philippines for his ability to connect with audiences through his writings, speeches, and media presence.

Edward Lee: Edward Lee is a successful businessman and entrepreneur known for his prominent role in the Philippine real estate industry. He founded and chairs COL Financial Group, Inc., a leading provider of stock brokerage and wealth management services.

Rex Mendoza: Rex Mendoza is a respected figure in the Philippine finance and investment landscape. He has held leadership positions in various financial institutions, specializing in wealth management and financial planning. Rex’s association with TRC underscores his commitment to providing financial and spiritual guidance to its members. He also serves as the Chairman and CEO of Rampver Financials.

Arthur Gindap: Arthur Gindap is a distinguished figure in the hospitality sector in the Philippines. As the Senior Vice President and Business Unit General Manager of Robinsons Hotels and Resorts (RHR), he plays a pivotal role in expanding the company’s diverse hotel brands, including both local and international properties.

Dean Pax Lapid: Dean ‘Pax’ Lapid is an accomplished Business Consultant and Entrepreneur with a diverse background encompassing Information Technology, Food Retailing, and Oil & Gas. He has founded companies like Southwest Professionals, Meals & Meats, and St. Mellion Farms. Currently pursuing a PhD in Organizational Development, he has also served as Dean of the Entrepreneur School of Asia and as an adjunct faculty member at the Asian Institute of Management. Dean specializes in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Financial Literacy, and is a strong advocate for GONEGOSYO. His co-authored bestselling book and frequent appearances on TV shows showcase his expertise and passion for his field.

Membership Benefits: One of the most appealing aspects of the Truly Rich Club is the wide array of benefits it offers to its members. These benefits include:

  1. Financial Education: The club provides its members with access to a treasure trove of financial education materials. From eBooks to video courses and exclusive seminars, it aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial decisions.
  2. Stock Market Updates: For those interested in investing in stocks, the club offers regular updates, stock recommendations, and insights from experts. This can be particularly valuable for beginners looking to navigate the stock market successfully.
  3. Spiritual and Personal Development: Bo Sanchez, the founder, emphasizes the connection between spirituality and wealth. Members can benefit from motivational talks, spiritual guidance, and personal development resources that help them achieve a well-rounded approach to life and finance.
  4. Exclusive Events: The Truly Rich Club organizes exclusive events, seminars, and conferences, giving members the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and learn from industry experts.
  5. Newsletter and Updates: Regular newsletters and updates keep members informed about the latest financial trends and investment opportunities.

Community and Support: The club fosters a sense of community among its members. There are forums and discussion groups where members can share their experiences, seek advice, and provide support. The community aspect can be a valuable resource for those looking to connect with others on their financial journey.

Cost of Membership: Membership in the Truly Rich Club comes with a subscription fee, which may vary depending on the level of membership you choose. It’s essential to consider whether the benefits provided align with your financial goals and whether the cost is justified by the value you receive.


  1. Comprehensive Financial Education: The Truly Rich Club offers a wide range of resources to help individuals improve their financial literacy.
  2. Community Support: The sense of community within the club can be motivating and provide a support system for members.
  3. Stock Market Guidance: For those interested in investing in stocks, the club’s stock recommendations and insights can be invaluable.
  4. Spiritual and Personal Development: The club’s emphasis on the connection between spirituality and wealth adds a unique dimension to its offerings.


  1. Subscription Fee: Some individuals may find the membership fee to be a barrier, particularly if they are just starting their financial journey.
  2. Specific Focus: The club’s approach may not suit everyone, as it combines financial advice with spiritual and personal development, which might not align with everyone’s beliefs or goals.

While the exact details may have evolved over time, here are some typical membership levels as of the information available:

  1. Gold Membership: Gold membership is often the entry-level tier. It provides access to educational materials, stock market updates, and guidance on financial planning.
  2. Diamond Membership: This tier usually includes all the benefits of the Gold membership, with additional perks such as exclusive seminars and workshops led by financial experts.
  3. Titanium Membership: Titanium members typically enjoy all the benefits of the lower tiers, along with personalized coaching and mentoring in the realm of financial literacy and investments.
  4. Platinum Membership: Platinum membership often represents the highest level of membership. It usually includes all the benefits of the lower tiers, plus exclusive access to high-level financial strategies and investment insights.

Please note that the specifics of each membership tier may vary, and the Truly Rich Club may have updated its offerings. To get the most current and detailed information about the club’s membership tiers, it is advisable to visit their official website or contact them directly for the latest information. Truly Rich Club Website


If you’re in search of a “get rich quick” scheme or rapid wealth-building strategies, the Truly Rich Club is not the place for that. TRC promotes the concept of long-term investing, emphasizing the gradual accumulation of wealth and financial knowledge over time.

TRC stands firmly behind the philosophy of long-term investing, which entails patient and strategic financial planning.

Rather than promising quick riches, TRC advocates for the gradual and sustainable accumulation of wealth. It underscores the significance of cultivating financial knowledge, making informed investment decisions, and patiently allowing your investments to grow over an extended period.

The emphasis on long-term investing is grounded in the belief that building substantial wealth is a journey that requires time, commitment, and prudent financial choices. TRC provides its members with the tools, resources, and guidance necessary to navigate this journey successfully.

By adopting a long-term perspective, TRC encourages individuals to cultivate a deep understanding of financial markets, develop disciplined savings habits, and make investments aligned with their financial goals. This approach not only helps build wealth over time but also provides a sense of financial security and confidence in one’s financial future.